Hard News by Russell Brown


Here's one I prepared earlier

So, I had some plans. I thought I'd excerpt a couple of moments from Act MP Hilary Calvert's demented performance on Backbenches on Wednesday night -- especially the part where she claimed that free-range chickens were bad (and battery hens were happy and heathy) because farmers had to use loads of antibiotics on them to protect them against bird flu and stuff ...

But you'll have to look at the programme on demand yourself.

And I wanted to excerpt the fairly gutsy use of Donna Summer's 'I Feel Love' in Part 3 of Adam Curtis's intriguing -- but really, really, badly flawed -- All Watched Over By Machines of Loving Grace, in the context of Rwandan genocide.

But you'll have to see that on YouTube, or get your aunty to send it to you on VHS. YouTube: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

Basically, I wrote this massive thing on archives this morning and I'm done. It's been an extremely challenging week, and I'm just glad I can swallow actual food again. (Also: if your GP suggests you have your overdue tetanus booster while you're in seeing him because your present antibiotic isn't really working on your agonising strep throat, tell him that's a silly idea. Unless you actually do fancy spending a night repeatedly waking up in a cold puddle of your own perspiration. Still, the fevered dreams were pretty spectacular.)

So here, up the top, is a Public Address classic. It's Andrew B. White's great rework of David Lange's famous Oxford Union Speech, 'Nuclear Weapons Are Morally Reprehensible'. The information is here. You may download and share it.

Oh, and I suppose a picture of my cat is in order. Here's Colin. This how he rolls. Or, rather, sleeps:

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