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We haven't been geeky for a while. So: go and get familiar with Scoopit, a newsranker on the Digg model launched recently by the folks at Scoop. We'll have Scoopit buttons under our posts soon and I'll look at other ways working with Al and the guys.

Telecom launches YahooXtra tomorrow, the same day as MSN comes out with a new site backed by NineMSN and ACP Media, plus new friends TV3, Seek and Sportal. It will be interesting to see how they market themselves.

BTW, who's getting the Telecom mystery marketing spam?

I wrote a Listener column on the Copyright Amendment Bill, focusing on problems with the way the format-shifting exception has been hedged about with conditions.

Our designers are intrigued by PressDisplay, which offers world newspaper pages with various features, including bookmarking, translation and text-to-speech. It looks like it might take a little while to find your way around but it seems quite interesting.

Juha looks at Windows Vista starting to creep into server logs. Not round here it isn't. We see about 0.5% for "Codename Longhorn", but Vista itself doesn't seem to be anywhere. Anyone reading this in Vista?

This makes a change from people complaining about how Apple has bollocksed up the MacOS UI: an analyst slams Vista's user interface as a great leap backwards. There's an amusing Slashdot thread on the topic.

Crazy Christians slam the Wii as a "porn portal".

And, finally, I think Gravatar.com is working a bit better now. If you're signed up to comment on Public Address System, you should just be able to register with Gravatar and have a pretty picture show up on our forums. (Oops - the site doesn't seem to be loading right now …)

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