Hard News by Russell Brown

Big Norm

No time for a substantial post today - and I fear I fell prey to the dreaded 9/11 commentator's ramble yesterday anyway - but here are a couple of things you might like to see.

Norm at OneGoodMove his been on a roll this week. He has a clip of Jon Stewart's opening monologue from the first Daily Show after the 2001 terrorist attacks. It's an extraordinary piece of television which threatens more than once to go off the rails - you wonder if he knows where he's going with it - but winds up as a moving avowal of the best American values.

The Daily Show was airing on the fifth anniversary, and Stewart's opening, in a rather different tone, is there too.

Norm also has Keith Olbermann's furious special comment from Ground Zero.

And Crooks and Liars has Stephen Colbert on The Path to 9/11: "Just because something is utterly invented doesn't mean it's not true!" Very funny.