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Though I never liked how they pronounced "Venus"

Why are you complaining about The Feelers performing the official song for the rugby world cup? Because The Feelers are a bit shit, radio-friendly nothing-rock. But isn't that why they got the gig?

Hire the Mint chicks for the same job and there might be some awkward emails with the IRB. Perhaps we needed to get those Finn boys involved, like last time:

I suppose the main reason people are voicing their annoyance is that they aren't Feelers fans. Announce that it's someone else and the reaction would be the same (though possibly at a different level and from differing quarters). Because no matter the song or the artist it's never going to satisfy all of the people all of the time.

This is now a meme: Any new announcement regarding the Rugby World Cup… We hate it.

"Won't somebody think of the art?!" We have cried recently. And to briefly generalise, the criers tend to be people who have also complained that rugby will be on TV and they shall be forced to read books. Meaning, ironically, that they will be largely spared The Feelers in any case.

Personally I don't really care about the song either way. As long as all the teams are taken care of and the games are good, I'll be happy. If people can get too and from the games with relative ease, then I'll be happier.

Whether they have a catchy pop song (with a side of artistic merit) and an uplifting message to listen to before each broadcast (and possibly piped into the stadiums) is very, very far down my list. So far down in fact that if they don't actually pick one and are forced to put Nature's Best on a loop, I will be happy.

Hey, at least then the crowd will be singing.

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