Cracker by Damian Christie

I'd like to be, under the sea

It’s pouring down outside and it really feels like winter. Over the past week or so we’ve had wind so strong it knocked out my internet connection; hail so hard it sounded like thousands of little balls of ice hitting the roof; and lightning striking the Sky Tower, causing my computer screen to tremble in terror.

All of which causes me to reminisce about that summery day only a few weeks ago when I was happily splashing about, 70 feet under the water...

So today I really just wanted to show off my pictures from the Poor Knights...

Although I do urge you to read the most macabre concept for an article I’ve found in a while...

And also relate a conversation I had the other night. We were at home, watching some doco on Prime about animals becoming extinct. As the narrator theorised over the reasons for the disappearance of the woolly mammoth, sabre tooth tiger et al, the flatmate piped up:

“Yeah, some species might become extinct, but there are new animals too...”

“There are?”

“Well, a hundred years ago we never had labradoodles.”

And you know, I just couldn’t argue. Somewhere a Quagga is rolling in its grave.

Finally, since it’s a Friday, this little thing seems like a perfect time waster.