Cracker by Damian Christie

Don has the Last Gaffe

(from Close Up, Thursday 23rd... Dr Don Brash explaining his decision to stand down)

Don Brash: We’re almost at the end of the parliamentary year, next week is a recess week in fact, and I thought it was desirable, in fact originally the plan was to go in a few days time, but I thought look, given the end of the parliamentary year, let’s get it dealt with now, so that we can have a caucus meeting and John Key will have a, well, excuse me… (clutching earpiece for guidance)

Susan Wood:[Laughing with Glee] Ohhh, are you telling me John Key’s going to be the leader?

Don Brash: Err, no, eventually the caucus will make that decision…

He was on my plane today, as I headed north for the U2 concert and other assorted reasons, work amongst them. I told him the girls from the office had suggested he needed a hug. He agreed. As Richard Prebble said in his farewell speech, "Once you are out of Parliament New Zealanders are very forgiving and very kind."

Don may not be gone from Parliament yet, but I think everyone can agree that his best hope is now behind him. So if you end up sitting next to him on a plane, let him share the armrest. He's had a hard few months.