Capture by A photoblog


Very Vintage

by Jackson Perry

Hello. Long time, no photos. Yada yada.  Life, be in it.

Spring is passing by, and I've lacked the inspiration for the usual petal show, although those in the know will see I'm still instagramming plenty of floral arrangements.

This weekend The Very Vintage Day Out has been on at Shed 10, and it seemed like a good opportunity to take the scooter out of the shed and the camera out of the bag.

On arrival I somehow ended up joining in on a Canon New Zealand photo salon, where two wonderfully patient models, Casey and Caleb, provided some keen amateurs the opportunity to shoot with different lenses and using some studio lighting.  The first four shots are from this session. Always wanted to learn more about portraiture, so was good fun.

Shooting with an 85mm f1.2 Canon prime lens wasn't too bad either.  Unfortunately they didn't want to swap for my 24 - 105.  Something about a $3000 price difference.

The other shots were incidental, with people seeming keen to pose or in the middle of setups for other photographers.  It was a snap happy place.

The last shot is to show the shirt I bought for summer.  The one on the right, so you can't have it.

It would be great if some of the usual crew wanted to get vintage in the comments.  Or just post your spring photos, I'm not fussy.

Capture is back...