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Down With The #OGB

by Jackson Perry

Last night was the Orcon Great Blend (#OGB).  Sorry if you missed it.  It was grand.  Thanks to Russell and all the contributors for a great night out. 

Here's a few photos, including a before shot in Elliot lane with the indefatigable Luke Hurley.  Hearing 'I'm in love with the Mona Lisa' on the way to the Civic for a show brought back a number of long lost 80s memories.

One definite highlight of the evening was the very talented young performer Loui the Zu, who is making waves, and making music, which you can listen to and download from his Soundcloud profile.

The Cut Collective were also excellent, and I was very glad to get one of the limited edition takeaway boxes.  More on that later perhaps.

Looking forward to the next one already.

Capture away.

Hugh Sundae talks about fish. Well, not really, but he was very funny on the night. Photo: Jackson Perry

Cut Collective member Ross Lieuw talks about their video piece. Apparently made in the now decommissioned ammunition stores in Hobsonville. Photo: Jackson Perry