Capture by A photoblog


Cats Love Cameras

by Robyn Gallagher

There's something about cats and cameras. As we well know, the internet is full of funny cat videos and photos. It's as if our feline friends are even more at home in front of a camera than a teen Tumblr blogger is.

I don't have a cat of my own, but when I'm out and about I like photographing the cats I come across. I reckon it's even easier to photograph strange cats. Unlike your own kitty, strange cats know you're not going to feed them so they don't try their passive-aggressive "Oh, poor starving me!" routine.

Some cats will instantly pose for you, but others will need to determine if you're a good sort before they do anything. If you stick out a finger and they gleefully rub their face against it, you're in. If they run away into a nearby bush, well, it's best you just be on your way.

These are a selection of some of my favourite cats that I've photographed around Auckland and Wellington.

And, of course, we want to see your favourite cat photos, whether it's the kitties in your neighbourhood, or your own special cat.

I spied this cat sitting in a suburban Avalon window on my way to work one morning. The set-up seemed too perfect, as if the cat had actually arranged the flowers and curtains to highlight its elegance. Photo: © Robyn Gallagher 2012

Just in case you had forgotten that cats are merciless, cold-blooded murderers, this Eastbourne cat was attempting to sneak up on an unsuspecting seagull. (The seagull won, of course.) Photo: © Robyn Gallagher 2012

I found this three-legged cat mooching around outside the local kebab shop in Mt Eden. This cat wasn't letting its disability get in the way of anything - it was moving around so much this was the best shot I could manage. Tripod cats rule. Photo: © Robyn Gallagher 2012

This beautiful ginger kitty is another from suburban Avalon. I found it sitting on a fence, just keeping an eye on things. Photo: © Robyn Gallagher 2012

One day this cat wandered into the laundrette in Mt Eden, its owner in tow. The cat was pretty well behaved, but occasionally tried to wander off. When I took the photo, the cat posed perfectly. Its owner remarked that the cat knew exactly what to do when a camera was around. Photo: © Robyn Gallagher 2012

I felt like someone was watching me and discovered this fellow on sentry duty. Another suburban Avalon cat, this one had slightly creepy vibe. Yeah, I see you too, cat. Photo: © Robyn Gallagher 2012

Cats love a nice hot sunny spot to roll around in. This one was enjoying the afternoon sun outside Futuna Chapel in Karori. Photo: © Robyn Gallagher 2012

Beloved cat Oscar lived at Time Out books in Mt Eden. He could usually be found snoozing in various spots around the shop in his cat bed. Oscar was undeniably the boss - just take a look at the titles of the books up on the shelf. Photo: © Robyn Gallagher 2012