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  • Richard Bol,

    Maybe they should play the BBC 'Dancing In The Street' series which TV One screened a while ago. Worth it just for the footage of David Bowie completely out of it while on tour in the USA.

    'End Of The Century' - about The Ramones - is also brilliant, and very, very dark. Much better than 'The Filth And the Fury' (Sex Pistols).

    Auckland • Since Nov 2006 • 32 posts Report

  • matthewbuchanan,

    It's not an issue with 49, per se: it's that MySky finds it difficult to recognise new episodes of things that are repeated at odd times throughout the week, so certain channels with a lot of repeats, like the Documentary Channel, confuse it a bit. I can't make it 'series link' The Soup on the E! channel for love nor money...

    I believe the grunts out at Sky central program all the series links manually, and I've been told by someone that works there that if you email series link requests through via the Sky website they will eventually find their way to the right people to be actioned.

    One problem we notice is that when a show is series linked properly, it's often the episodes that screen in prime time, with no series link option for the repeat in the wee small hours. With a maximum of two shows able to be recorded at once, it would be nice to be able to record shows like that outside of prime time so as to minimise clashes.

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  • simon burgin,

    Hey, I'm just going to barge on in on this forum.

    I don't get Sky personally, being a poor young man, but wondering if their was any unrestrained feedback on Father of the House? I'm assuming someone watched it,

    also I concur that Kaikohe Demolition should be on the doco channel, AS WELL AS... Errol Wrights brilliant 'The Last Resort'
    a very relevant documentary about a Mahia campground and foreign property investment.... so yes who can pull strings?

    wellingtown • Since Nov 2006 • 1 posts Report

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