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  • Hard News: Campaign 2017: Buy a…, in reply to Russell Brown,

    I think there has been a subconscious desire among pundits and Gallery journos who want there to be a "LABOUR TAX CRISIS". They want a crisis because Labour's rise since changing leaders has completely flummoxed them. It goes against all their perceived wisdom, all those phrases that they drag out in a leadership spill - "It's a sign of panic," "the electorate wont trust them", "its too late in the parliamentary cycle". Some of those Gallery people went to the first Ardern press conference determined to write Labour's obituary.

    Six weeks later, and still high in most polls despite their predictions, they clutched at the Newshub poll on Tuesday like a drowning man grabbing a lifejacket. Finally, the polls were agreeing with their instincts, and we have suffered an endless collection of opinion pieces saying the honeymoon is over, Ardern is going negative, voters are scared of tax rises. The brilliance of their analysis is finally getting through to the electorate, and they can regain their position as Masters of Political Universe.

    Because the alternative is that a huge number of people are indifferent at best to their reporting, opinions and analysis. Some of those people I suspect have simply seen a new leader who seems honest and open, who seems like the person they want to like, rather than a politician.

    And all this narrative over the last two days around tax has been driven by the Newshub poll. As far as I've seen, no-one has really questioned the numbers. Newshub has done a marvellous job of placing their shock poll as the game-changing for the election, when perhaps it should be seriously pulling back from a poll that goes against Colmar-Brunton, and the internal polls of National and Labour.

    Prediction for tonight - the poll says Labour and the Greens can govern alone. Will the Gallery pull back from their "tax is damaging Labour" narrative?

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  • Hard News: Radio being made,

    I won't be ditching tv bulletins. They are two completely different things. I might listen to Checkpoint for news and analysis, but I'll keep watching the TVs bulletins because I want to see the news as well.

    Nasty lapel mics need to go.

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  • Up Front: Reading Murder Books,

    I would like to offer Aussie crime writer Peter Temple to the pot. His "Broken Shore" and "Truth"have wonderful broken police officers, and an amazing line in terse cynical dialogue.

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  • Hard News: Spread the Noise,

    LOVED listening to the police scanners. Pretty raw, but full of genuine emotion. Occasionally exciting, often boring, but a lot more immediate, and better informed than the steady parade of CNN frontpeople. And jut what exactly is a "less-lethal shotgun?" Something that fires bean-bags?

    It's a bit of a sidebar, but this was one of my favourite pieces about the lockdown.

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  • Up Front: Oh, Grow Up,

    One of the first indicators of approaching adulthood, was finding myself wearing a sensible coat to a gig, in case it rained on the way home. No, not an anorak.

    Next was looking around and finding I was with all the other dads near the mixing desk, stroking our beards and discussing the mix, watching the kids jumping around up front.

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  • Capture: Dogs Love Cameras Too,

    We don’t own a dog, but we find considerable joy in borrowing other people’s pets. All care, no responsibility!

    [Redacted-fixed it for you] ;-)

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  • Hard News: The real problem with the…,

    The Herald has put up some of the raw vision Ambrose shot on the day. Man, that was a hard-core media scrum!

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  • OnPoint: Dear Labour Caucus,

    Shearer and Robertson have walked out of caucus and into leader's lounge.

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  • Hard News: Democracy Night,

    Voted in Petone, which was wonderful. Best moment was when an entire bridal party came in to vote. What was a lovely vibe in the school hall became even more special when the bride (lovely dress BTW) and groom came in. Nice to share a little of someone's special day.

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  • Hard News: Complaint and culture,

    My understanding was that TVNZ acknowledged that they had made a mistake, but Don took it to the BSA becaue TVNZ did not do an on-air correction.

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