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  • Field Theory: I'm ever so pissed.,

    Regarding lineout throwing... there is no rule stating that it must be the hooker who throws the ball in. Who else remembers BG Williams throwing the ball in to the All Black lineout in the 70s? Isn't there an argument for finding someone with more physical co-ordination (and more brains than a seal-murderer) to handle the very important task of trying to fix this area?
    Regarding the shoulder charge... we got what we deserved, it was a cheap shot, which ultimately cost us the game.

    And did anyone else think that Steyn's monster conversion went under the posts? Iit sure looks that way when you frame by frame replay it.

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  • Hard News: Heard any good tunes lately?,


    Here's a music tip for you.

    the artist is girl talk, a notorious american bedroom mix/slash up producer. The album has been released on the Radiohead- In Rainbows, pay what you want model.

    It is at times laugh out loud good.

    If you are stuck for something to do in Wellington tonight, we've gota $10 buy in Texas Holdem Poker game going on with a whole bunch of web folk (the Flightless crew), cards dealt at 7pm.

    If you want to play just text me on 021 476007

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  • Hard News: Beijing: Ignoring it is not…,

    great episode of media 7 last night. Truly entertaining. David Baldock and Jeremy Wells should have their own show

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  • Hard News: Te Reo and the Resolution,

    Russell, a question about the instalation, did sky provide you with an HDMI cable to connect to your telly, or did you have one?
    My MySky HD arrives in August just in time for Bledisloe 2, can't wait.

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  • Hard News: Case Studied,

    Congrats on the Show Russell.

    It is bloody good viewing. I thought i'd have a quick look, and next thing half my lunch hour was gone.
    Sainsbury defending the indefensible question stuck in my craw though.

    It is quite funny that your chair supplier gets a credit, good on tehm for helping you out.

    Has your Listener connection become strained as a result of the story?

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  • Hard News: Maoriland Calling,

    With regards to the Widescreen presentation of TVNZ broadcasts you mentioned I have noted terrible inconsistency from TVNZ in this department.
    I hate to say it but it may simply be a case of the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing. I have even noticed Commercials, which are formatted for wide screen, being broadcast with letterbox and pillar boxes around them, playing alongside other commercials which are broadcast in full and true widescreen. I am sure the advertisers paying for these ads aren't terribly impressed by this.

    TV3 have been broadcasting WS for much longer and almost never make a mistake.

    Although it sounds like a geeky and techy subject I think it warrants further investigation.

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  • Speaker: Singing g against the E chord,

    Bored Games- Who Killed Colonel Mustard.

    yes it is just an EP, and yes 2 tracks are significantly better than the others. But Joe 90 is a perfect pop pop song.
    And these guys were rocking. Much less that they were just out of school.

    It is unfathomable that Shayne didn't go on to become world famous.

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  • Hard News: Invisible Harblz,

    Perhaps in the Key video, it was simply that the folks at the market didn't recognise him.He seems so homogenised, so bland. It is almost painful and sad to see him drifting around like that. Not even his minders appear interested in him.

    Could he be after the sympathy vote with this cunning viral campaign.

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  • Hard News: Brimful on the 45,

    Happy Birthday and then some.

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  • Hard News: You can't moan,

    I completely agree about Bondy. A number of batsmen managed to get a lot of runs and all at very healthy strike rates. But Bond was the only bowler to emerge from the game with figures that didn't damage his career stats.
    I felt for Fleming who by the end of the Australian innings seemed powerless to staunch the flow of runs. But, I can't help but wonder if Bond shouldn't have been bowled out in the middle of their innings, seeing as everybody was smashed in the final 10 overs.
    Our bowling depth is not so strong as to leave Bond with an over unbowled after 50.

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