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  • Island Life: On the waterfront,

    Nat's enthusiasm for membranes are very touching indeed!

    Pity the usefulness of this space after the Party Centralites have invaded, will be equal to buildings, wrapped in fabric.

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  • Hard News: Where your money goes,

    Does the charity identify need or is it just handing out branded goods?

    For those asking this question in this thread, I share your concern. I can't help but wonder who is going to benefit more out of this telethon: Adidas & KidsCan, or the kids?

    What's leftover from the exorbitant overheads looks like a pitiful contribution to treating the symptoms of poverty in this country.

    If you've seen Enjoy Poverty, I'm not making direct connection, but there's a scene in a Unicef refugee camp where their logo's are everywhere. It's a sideways view into a strange ecosystem held together by middle class guilt.

    Of course there's a need, I grew up in a community full of need, but to treat it in this way may put poverty in danger of sustaining it's need?

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  • Hard News: The Flashing Question Mark,

    Andrew, you won't believe the number of hours I spent as a kid trying to rig my house like that, much to the annoyance of my mother!

    It isn't really a light-switch-turns-the-toaster-on-which-turns-the-shower-on affair but admittedly the technology he talks about could at the very worst, turn your house into a bit of a Motion Master ala Rainbows End...

    Rich: How about an iLawnmower where you can download your excess lawn and download it to the compost heap?

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  • Hard News: The Flashing Question Mark,

    ordinary folks need a box that very simply bridges their internet video onto their TV.

    A bit late to comment but on a slightly related note I was just reading Tobie Kerridges fantastic paper on movement networks which riffs on a similar concept of connecting household items for a purpose.

    I wouldn't mind a sleek, standardised media centre that won't take up half the living room (and power sockets). I recently had the luxury of living with geeks that chipped an old xbox and connected to all 5 of our computers' video+music. It could also play live streams of tv and radio (admittedly random international channels from obscure countries). Sadly it wasn't able to play youtube nor pick up RF so I couldn't watch Dancing With the Stars nor the election coverage...

    ; or is it some sort of retro early 90s thing?

    I thought it was grousely designed and pretty retro esp with the gorse poking out of that ugly 90's striped graphic. Fantastic cause too.

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  • Hard News: Call it what you like,

    Hey Russel, thank you so much for a fitting eulogy. I wish Finn were around to guest blog, he would have sunk his teeth into that one like the intellectually voracious person he was. It is a slight sin to be calling What If's, but still I think if the DHB and CATT were more prepared/resourced, Finn might be able to say "I made it" and then get on with the fabulous life he'd always wanted.

    On the other hand, the CATT members dealing with Finn seemed to have had a hard time. I would describe them as sullen husks. I think Craig Ranapia has a point about the staffing issues for this part of the industry. Perhaps staff working in mental health units should have some secret garden with wildflowers, fountains, perhaps some video games, and an in house chakra healer. I'd be more than happy to give mental health workers a pay rise and wicked staff perks/working environment with my tax dollar(s) - if it meant they were mentally replenished enough to give a shit about their work again.

    Needless to say there are some probs which go further up the management chain but I think my waffle should end here.

    As Finn's partner I would like to express my thanks to those who have given their condolences, it has been warm and wonderful.

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  • Hard News: Not so much ironic as outrageous,

    Sorry to barge in on the PA with irrelevant discussion but just to let everyone know, I'm Finn's partner and would like to add some info in case someone wants to contact me regarding this.

    hey everyone,

    finn higgins is a regular poster here on PA System, but this past monday he disappeared around 7pm.

    his partner is understandably worried about him, so i'm putting out word on her behalf.

    it's thought that he might have disappeared to auckland. we're hoping that is the case.

    finn is 26 years old, medium height, slim build, dark brown hair.

    he was wearing cargo pants and a black teeshirt, barefoot. he is in need of medical assistance.

    if you've seen him either get in touch with his partner, the police, or someone who can contact her. if you know where he is please ask him to contact home.

    (Thanks Che) Just to add to that, you can view his photo here with thanks to Hadyn Green (the hair is slightly longer in this photo):

    My contact details: 0274655159;

    Also thanks Jackie, your thoughts are much appreciated :-)

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  • Hard News: Uniquely Refreshing,

    I scored the Ramones Weird Tales Of... 4cd / dvd box-set for only $25, plus Joy Division deluxe editions, Scott Walker, assorted Flying Nun goodies and more.

    Scott Walker... The ex-Walker Brothers guy who always sings in augmented 5ths? I gotta say he was way more entertaining when he were singing Burt Bacharach's tunes. But then I am a cheesy bastard! Sad I missed the sale though. I should keep up with the PA system Jonses more often!

    The pipis aren't good for my gout unfortunately -- and there were none handy anyway (have you noticed how live mussels with their constant shower have disappeared from supermarket?).

    Sorry about the gout, I guess I shouldn't complain so heartily about a decision I've made based on the luxury of lifestyle :s And yes I have noticed the lack of the showered mussels ... don't get me started on the conspiracy theories I have on that topic!

    Ever watch Kai Time on Maori Television? Those bros had a really good handle on cooking traditional kai along with new ingredients, including plenty of olive oil.

    No I haven't due to lack of tv, but it does sound goodly. Funny you should say that cos I doubt the bro's up in my hometown, Whangarei would even be able to get Maori tv... Well the reception wasn't that good last time I checked anyway.

    But I'm not trying to sway you, honest. You started it ...

    Oh, you don't need to sway me, my heart is already there! It's just the utter piety of my brain that won't follow or heed your seductive tales of lardo!

    Good call on the tofu burgers by the way. Was inspiration for sunny Saturday brunch :)

    And since I'm too young to be truly nostalgic ... Um, does anyone remember Brazil on Karangahape Road? Boy that was one darned good eating post! And a fine espresso they had too!

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  • Hard News: Uniquely Refreshing,

    What a flash feed you had! Hand stretched mozzarella and vine ripened tomatoes? Olive oil? Where's the pipi's?

    That was my inner brown person, sorry. She pops up in my conscious mind from time to time, particularly when issues such as race relations or food are mentioned. That's the same part of me that expects to have had loads of boil up and hangi at this time of year.

    But on the other hand, there's the more dominant, self appointed Herbivorian in me that is naughtily (I know I'm terrible, I'm horrible!) drooling and fantasizing over the home-smoked salmon and other succulent, big, hot and juicy.... meats that everyone has been bragging about on this thread. Ugh, I mean seriously, you carnivores have it so lucky at Christmas time. You get a veritable royal feast while us poor "Veggo's" (I think that's what the meat eaters call us) are left with nothing but Kate Moss Salad's, homeless stuffing, a sea of chickpeas, tofu, and lentils topped with clouds of millet flour and cous cous.

    I most certainly am conditioned by my chlidhood in spending celebratory seasons with my Samoan family. Corned beef, spit roast pork, chicken in all kinds of dishes and any kind of meat you can imagine will go with meat or more meat. And that is meat.

    By now, you must think I'm mad. And I am. But I stand by the fact that I acknowledge my primal meat eater while I also choose to be a "Herbie" (I believe the Carnivores also use that term for my people) because of reasons linked to health and conscience.

    But I am also conditioned by spending most Christmases with one of my mum's side of the family (she has many sides, a veritable dodecahedron she is), where the cook, my grandfather, made the traditional British roast. Heavy in starchy roast veges, turkey, chicken, cold ham, tender pork and home made apple sauce. Yorkshire pud, trifle and custard usually followed for dessert.

    Obviously this is my first year as a fully fledged "committed" vegetarian, whereas in the past I have timidly dipped my toe into the brisk waters of Herbivorianism. Now that I've made the plunge, I sure hope that Christmas eating warms up. Perhaps I need to brush up on my vege cooking chops?

    Sure we have one up on the Vegan's and we can pig out (excuse the terrible pun) on the traditional Pav with cream and any other devilish desserts containing animal products that can possibly fit into the nooks and crannies of the keenest parts of our intestines. But *sigh* Christmas just isn't the same without meat.

    Rant aside, that was a beautiful post, and I second Sara Bee for all your lovely work this year. Your writing is always respectfully well paced and thought provoking.


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  • "The Terrorism Files",

    Ah, bring it on - shit makes the flowers grow. :)

    If shit makes the flowers grow, the world must be a flower bed! Bread and Roses? I'm sure if you wanted to be a striking Massachusetts textile worker c 1912, you could, thanks to the marvel that is the internet.

    Amen to humans being total utter weirdo's.

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  • "The Terrorism Files",

    And perhaps its just me, but I find a football match a very strange "context" for any haka - especially if you know a bit about the historical context and meaning of Ka Mate.

    I guess it is kinda strange when you see the All Blacks spooking the opposition by saying they're stuck down a hole contemplating their imminent death.

    But it is 2007... we're all about growth, or in this post-modern day, recontextualisation. If we're not growing we're dying!

    PS no need to retort, I'm just talking more shit.

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