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  • OnPoint: Astrotobacco,

    Now could some-one drag Peter Dunne into the story to start rounding it out even more .......

    Dunny boy was once wined and dined by Lord Rothmans over in england, a cheque was given to Dunny ............ British Imperial I presume ;-) .

    You've gota pick which drugs are about common sense and family values ..............

    Nicky Hagar has good info on the sly dealings of spin doctors and PR subterfuge

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  • Hard News: Dude, what just happened?,

    Thank's chris . I was just trying to re-focus us onto the pressing issue at hand which is a concerted effort to wipe out these stores and hurt the owners and employees.

    alobar ............ prohibition is like steroids for gangs and organized crime, it makes them grow. Without it they would be weak and have far less influence in society and less interaction with our young people.

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  • Hard News: Dude, what just happened?,

    Steve , Chris and Tom your missing the issue right in front of our noses.

    This large undercover police operation against 'cannabis criminals' , the vindictiveness of some of the charges laid against the store employees, the bail conditions of customers having to produce ID and leave their details is all bloody wrong .............

    Switched on Gardener and the other dozen or so grow stores targeted have been stamped on by the state and they will be dead and buried unless people say "this is wrong" and support them.

    The simple way to support them is go in there and buy a bloody drink ............ or a magazine ............ or whatever.

    Fill out your details and leave a message to any time squandering police officer who may get to read it.

    If enough people did that the stores may survive ......... otherwise they are history.

    Never mind your theoretical cannabis activist ideas.

    Heres an organization which has supported cannabis reform getting hammered.

    If you think its wrong and want to do something go and buy something from them ..........

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  • Hard News: Dude, what just happened?,

    Drug prohibition and cannabis prohibition in particular is a cult.

    Why is it a cult?, because one of its core beliefs is that any drug use ( ie smoking a joint or taking an ecstasy pill ) is drug abuse. And not only does the cult of prohibition call this “abuse” it also believes that drug users whom it calls “drug abusers” merit criminal status.
    Regarding the SoG raids ……..
    It was very convenient for the liquor industry and the politicians whom they wine, dine, lobby and donate too that the day after a law commission report on alcohol is released we have these “major drug busts” . It certainly kept the piss of the front page of our newspapers.

    Alcohol or piss as I call it is far and away our biggest drug problem and it is actually a drug whose consumption is linked to rises in rates of real crimes like violence and sexual assaults.

    What did crusher Collins have to say about the piss ?????????????

    The bail conditions imposed on SoG are police state in style and designed to crush the grow shops and put them out of business.

    I think people should go into SoG and buy anything as a show of support.

    Hopefully the huge amount of police resources squandered on this operation with lots and lots of police hours yet to be spent in numerous trials should be a serious embarrassment to a police force which could not find the resources to investigate hundreds of child abuse cases.

    In fact it’s such a twisted misdirection of police resources you could be mistaken for thinking clint rickards is running the show ……………………..

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  • Hard News: A revolting piece of shit,

    I've always thought to myself that the use of models in womans magazines who have bodies which maybe 5% of woman ( with the right genes ) resemble could be behind the eating disorders which seem to be mainly womans disease's

    That and 'fashion' which could be summed up as herd behavior
    amongst humans .

    Regarding the beginning of Russels post I'm not sure But i think mike kings boy aka dirty sesh has had mental health problems like his dad.

    I sometimes listen to Mike Kings radio show "the nutters club" which is quite infomative on mental health issues.

    Its a shame his boy has come up with a piece of poo as a music vid

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  • Hard News: The back of a bloody envelope,

    "I'm not sure if that pun was intentional."

    The four letter word which rhymes with Pit ( 2. a. An excavation for the removal of mineral deposits; a mine. b. The shaft of a mine) confirms the puns intention .....

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  • Hard News: The back of a bloody envelope,

    Our two alternating forms of government are quite easy to understand.

    We have Labor .................. who are bad and rotten.

    And we have the natianals ......................... who are plain evil.

    Politics in New Zealand works on the principle of " its our turn now", the two main partys know that if they are in opposition all they have to do is wait and as sure as night follows day they will get their turn to govern.

    While in opposition they will bullshit about things like accountability and abuses of democracy while all the time relying on electoral Alzheimers which is a progressive disease with strong symptoms after 6 years and is always terminal ( for the sitting govt ) after 9 years.

    Once in power the Govt gets their turn to thank and pass laws for their supporters, appoint party faithful ( hacks ) onto various boards and dish out jobs, money and favors.

    Teflon John the greedy one with his pin stripe suit and wormy smile has been very successful in not having much shit stick to him ...................yet.

    When it does start to stick we'll see him as one of the most effluent prime ministers this country has ever produced.

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  • Field Theory: The Wonder Years,

    I'm just happy the Aussies unbeaten run of matches has been brought to a sudden stop .................. I guess their not used to an opposition team that actually fields well and takes their catches.

    God bless Scotty who always looks rather pale like a grave digger to me. They cant leave him out of the team now and I think we can safely say that big Jake's injury has seen him play his last game for New Zealand, its a shame his form was down for his last couple of games but having Styris in for the remaining games is an improvement for the team.

    I get along to every NZ game at the cake tin and will usually go to a couple of days if theres a test match at the Basin.

    My sons into playing and likes going to watch NZ so nowadays when I get along to the cricket its usually with a group of teenagers ( who play in my sons team) and a few of my friends.

    I also like Wellington cricket crowds and it was a shame the blackcaps didn't fire in the first 20/20.

    Lets hope that when we next play them in Wellington in the last game of the present one day series that we've already wrapped it up or at the very least its 2 all.

    Go the black caps

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  • Island Life: Everyone loves a quiz.,

    1: Our ears would bleed and flies would be attracted to the radio.

    2: The lap dancers loins make it impossible for you to access your card but your not worried as Rodney said he'd put it all on his .

    3: A-hole

    4: Its code for wife and partner swapping, although rumors that r.i.p rockerfella is the biological father of Keys children is nothing but a dirty left wing smear.

    5: Fay still has a couple of private islands where the riff raff can't bother you ............. myers will supply the free booze, however you need a title to get on there with 'right honarable' being the bare minimum.

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  • Southerly: Interview with Rodney Hide,

    It comes as no surprise to me to hear that rodneys a sniffer.

    I've been aware for quite a while now that the man is a swirler as well


    Being a member of the swirlers club as well as the sniffers club makes him a SS man.

    When's his next perk holiday to asia ??????????

    Swirl away rodney

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