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  • Hard News: Change for the Better,

    Out of curiosity, what is the planned route to connect Onehunga to the central city cycleways?

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  • Hard News: Auckland City Nights,

    Regards the K rd over-bridge, I saw it Saturday night for the first time as well. Seriously! What the hell!! Why would any architect take that view from us.? Architecture 101, lesson 1 should definitely be: Don't obscured great views for no reason?

    The people who conspired to steal such a beautiful vista from the people of Auckland should be tarred and feathered and made to walk the length of K-rd so people can subject them to the humiliation they deserve.

    2 steps forward, one step back... hopefully this can be remedied sooner rather than later.

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  • Southerly: One Hundred and Thirty-one…,

    I cycle just about every day. Cycling is awesome.

    Cycling in cities that care about cyclists is even better.

    +10 for this idea!

    I was in Hungary recently, I wasn't a cyclist but rather a pedestrian, and i was astounded at cars stopping for you when you approached the curb. Even when there was no zebra crossing! People, that is courtesy. NZ needs to learn some manners...

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  • Cracker: Gimme Shelter,

    It was a great day. Pitty about the rain at the end, though if i had heeded the weather reports i would have dressed in more than shorts and tshirt...

    As for security, in general i keep my distance. That said there was one security fellow on the D perimeter who was awesome and refilled peoples water bottles.

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  • Hard News: Warning: contains pieces of Apple,

    In other news Ubuntu 10.10 just went beta, the efforts of 1000s of people around the world! So amazing!

    Proud to be one of em. Rhythmbox or Banshee for the win.

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  • Hard News: There is History,

    A good article on the swine flu:

    I'll cut and paste some:

    "The bad 1918 pandemic was an H1N1 virus, and there is evidence that people exposed to earlier human H1 flu had some immunity to it. The 1918 virus was different from this one, however, because its H surface protein was from birds."

    Some ways to go before we all get too concerned, me thinks.

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  • Hard News: Radio Times,

    I am 22 and listen to RNZ, not compulsively, it _is_ a bit geriatric at times. Sometimes i think the morning two are just blowhards. There is one stellar effort on RNZ though, Kim Hill! I think Kim Hill is the bees knees. Awesome balance between the arts and sciences like no other imho.

    She doesn't pretend to be a know-it-all, and she'll challenge a point but she ain't adversarial (like she was on tv, wtf!?). She gets amazing interviews out of her guests, i.e. her London science series a year or two ago was totally great, she should definitely do that again! She's the best radio in NZ imo. Otherwise i fill in my idle gaps with bFM, Thursday drive is awwweeesssommme(!!!) or BBC World.

    Radio for me is second only to the internet, TV is largely irrelevant with regard to my daily information intake.

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  • Hard News: Real Media,

    Perhaps in the spirit of the internet a howto (howto: optimum encoding for youtube...) wiki could be put together for both teachers and students alike. Refer those in education to it. Make a point of including a discussion about the pros and cons of open formats as well.

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  • Hard News: Free Man,

    just saw tv one quote that bigot quote ("New Zealand will regret this decision be letting this parasite into our country...") in today's post.

    During the report, the quote which was onscreen. Next to that they had a graphic of the website it was from. Since they had found the quote from your blog, they had a nice graphic of your webblog associated with that lovely quote mentioned above.

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  • Speaker: Transformers: Less than meets…,

    Good points, i don't think you are wrong when you intellectualise certain aspects in isolation... but i still had fun, i laughed and when the fights were slow enough that i understood what was going on, i thought they were really cool.

    My main gripe is with the over-detailed robots. They totally confused the eye and when coupled with the fast panning quick cuts during fight scenes; left me totally disoriented with no idea of whats happening sometimes.

    I loved transformers, i went to primary school everyday after my half-hour morning dose of that cartoon. I was totally upset when Optimus 'died'! That's where i am coming from... i don't care about all the logic absurdities. There's no logic to the premise in the first place. Why would uber robots want to transform into human creations?? They are totally cool giant sentient robots from another part of the universe who've been fighting a battle of good against evil with big badass guns and they can transform into tanks and shit! Gah, thats just so Coooooooooool!

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