The IT Crowd: Anti-Piracy ad parody

  • Robyn Gallagher,

    Season two of the IT Crowd is currently screening in the UK, as those of us with friends in England will know.

    The most recent episode started with this dead-on parody of that overly serious "Piracy is stealing!" ad that is inflicted upon us both at the movies and on DVDs.

    May this whet your appetite for the series screening in Aotearoa. It's even better than the first, my friends in England tell me.

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  • Chaos Buddha,

    Had to smile during the opening sequence of the new Simpsons movie, with what Bart was writing on the blackboard . . .

    . . . mainly because everyone sitting in the room watching it cheered and applauded the irony of it all.


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  • Michael Fitzgerald,

    Nice one Robyn.
    Went roaming through You Tube afterwards and really liked the 7 part series about why Piracy is Good!
    Bugs will rule the world apparently, loved it.

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