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Yellow Peril: Oink

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  • kmont,

    He, he, bleached flour-based revenge indeed.....
    Speaking of late chinese new year greetings, postshop is giving away these little red new years envelopes, I assume to Chinese customers. I got slipped a couple as I was buying up large on year of the pig stamps sets to send to Japan. Inside is a new years message from postshop and an AUSTRALIAN gold wrapped chocolate coin. Looks like one currency isnt that far off after all.
    (I still sent them)

    wellington • Since Nov 2006 • 485 posts Report Reply

  • the E,

    that Vietnamese French bakery

    Upper Willis St, it's still there too thank crikey.

    Tze Ming, your blog was so full of mouthwatering descriptions of exotic fare that I for one resorted to waffling on in my own little glutinous comfort eating zone. I couldn't even find the rice-paddy hat "e" to use in creperie. When my husband cooks Chinese I just stare with eyes as big as saucers (until they start moistening from the aromatic spices fumigating from his large electric wok). I don't think he knows much about what style he's cooking etc., the recipes have just been passed down from father's father's father's father. YUMMO. I am going to buy him a Fuschia Dunlop book for his birthday. Thank you.

    wellington • Since Jan 2007 • 42 posts Report Reply

  • Ben Austin,

    If one must be an unconscious cultural patroniser, I'd far rather it be over issues of pancakes, waffles and other sweet, baked goods.

    Oh and yeah, that bakery on Willis St is pretty good, although I've always been a little more partial to the rhubarb cake from the Bretzel bakeries.

    London • Since Nov 2006 • 1027 posts Report Reply

  • Che Tibby,


    where did my comment go? it went:

    shhh.... i'm separating the wheat from the chaff

    but is now gone!

    and don't blame me, blimmin mr. austin started this. now there's a man who should try the freons at the aro st. bakery.

    as for waffling, i think a bunch of writers would feel right at home :)

    the back of an envelope • Since Nov 2006 • 2042 posts Report Reply

  • Kumara Republic,

    Upper Willis St, it's still there too thank crikey.

    The Moulin Bakery, near the bypass? Real good stuff. Courtenay Place (just round the corner where I work) needs more bakeries like it.

    The southernmost capital … • Since Nov 2006 • 5446 posts Report Reply

  • Chuckie L,

    This white guy prefers reading your politics. Don't give a shit about food.

    Shore • Since Dec 2006 • 6 posts Report Reply

  • Chris Fung,

    Just because I want to see this thread continue, I will add my appeals for more recipes but only because I am still in search of decent guoba outside of China.

    This is the one made with the rice crusts from the bottom of the pot.

    I once had to go medieval on some trifling fool in a so-called Sichuanese restaurant in Boston who tried to fob me off with rice krispies (@!$@##! ) sprinkled over the meatnsauce. - I never realized my indignant putonghua was that good. Alas, I have come to the sad realization that this was actually far better than the average lame attempt that people foist upon the ignorant masses. And in the 21st century to boot! If it were the early 60s I could understand, but come on people.

    Also, what do you think of the current search going on for the Chinese Bob Marley?

    Hawai`i • Since Dec 2006 • 3 posts Report Reply

  • Juha Saarinen,

    Oohh... is guoba like Japanese okoge?

    I know of a Chinese guy in Malaysia who'd fit the Marley bill, at least when it comes to dreadlocks.

    Since Nov 2006 • 529 posts Report Reply

  • Manakura,

    For all the crackers that wanna waffle about... well waffles, click here:
    The peeps over there might be happy for y'all to colonise their netspace with stupid insular discussions about European food, but I seem to have this vague memory that the blog that generated this thread was about Sichuan kai...?

    Whaing─üroa • Since Nov 2006 • 134 posts Report Reply

  • Tony Kennedy,

    The Moulin Bakery, near the bypass? Real good stuff.

    Baguette heaven - tilting at windmills is somehow appropriate for PA

    Wellington • Since Nov 2006 • 225 posts Report Reply

  • Che Tibby,

    i'm holding out in my insistence that aro st bakery is better than moulin.

    on another topic. those broad, dried black fungus you can buy from yan's supermarket in hopper st. i steep them in warm water, and add them to a garlic-chicken dish i make (a recipe not even pretending to be 'asian', just exploiting asian ingredients).

    are they supposed to be a tiny bit 'crunchy' when you serve them? (because i kind of like them that way)

    the back of an envelope • Since Nov 2006 • 2042 posts Report Reply

  • merc,

    You don't get the visions that way...

    Since Dec 2006 • 2471 posts Report Reply

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