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  • Yellow Peril: Bai bai,

    AAAAARRRRRRGGGGH !!!! *Swearing in English-accented Putonghua*

    You know I'm going to have to beat your narrow yellow behind for leaving us like this don't you?

    Thank you Tze Ming for all your wit, your anger, your perception and your analysis. We are all much, much poorer for your retirement from the blogosphere.

    I know that a fair number of Asian folks in the US and a few here in Hawaii read your words. I wasn't the only one pimping YP to the masses here.

    Learn heaps, do good work and make us proud in your new and undisclosed employment.

    My sister, my sister, it's been an honor to read your cyber-creations.

    Stay red and expert


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  • Yellow Peril: Oink,

    Just because I want to see this thread continue, I will add my appeals for more recipes but only because I am still in search of decent guoba outside of China.

    This is the one made with the rice crusts from the bottom of the pot.

    I once had to go medieval on some trifling fool in a so-called Sichuanese restaurant in Boston who tried to fob me off with rice krispies (@!$@##! ) sprinkled over the meatnsauce. - I never realized my indignant putonghua was that good. Alas, I have come to the sad realization that this was actually far better than the average lame attempt that people foist upon the ignorant masses. And in the 21st century to boot! If it were the early 60s I could understand, but come on people.

    Also, what do you think of the current search going on for the Chinese Bob Marley?

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  • Yellow Peril: There is a better way.,

    big ups for tackling the stupid in a reasoned and considered fashion. You guys are my heroes.

    Personally I'd get great satisfaction if Aotearoan "Asians" would also cultivate a few "scary Malcolm X" types. I find that the comfily-complicit mainstream listens a little harder if there is a more radical voice on the frightening side (you know, like Umkhonto we Sizwe/SACP vs. the ANC).

    I'd offer my services but it since I am now an expatriate, it would probably not be all that pono/tika.

    Keep up the good work.

    By the way, I also loved your dissection of Don Brash's latest foray into Brainiac territory.

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