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Up Front: Making a List, Not Bothering to Check It

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  • Emma Hart,


    Been around for a while, that one.

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  • mark taslov,

    Been around for a while, that one.

    Yes, and despite all technological, ideological and social advances, it persists. It draws it's bow furthest in times of fear. Exploiting that fear, to subjugate followers, according to it's continually rejigged mandate. And with every election the christians win, their mandate to impose the christian morality is reinvigorated, Kevin Rudd and Barack Obama, John Key, Stephen Harper, Gordon Brown, Angela Merkel are all christians. As long as the democratic support for the christians remains, and as long as they're continue to be re-elected, then the nations responsible will continue to bare the brunt of staid, unscientific, illogically paranoid, and morally arbitrary edicts. Basically it's the election of christians, but ultimately christianity itself that is behind it in terms of funding and moral capital. Helen Clark's lack of religious distincition was one of the reasons she was such a good leader.

    Te Ika-a-Māui • Since Mar 2008 • 2281 posts Report

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