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Up Front: Absence of Malice

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  • Rachel Prosser,

    It seems the 92nd.

    Christchurch • Since Mar 2008 • 228 posts Report Reply

  • Rob Hosking,

    I have a hunch the pneumonic way of remembering things works better for sciencey-maths types than it does for those who are into the English language.

    The trouble with 'Harry HE LIkes BEer By Cupfuls Not Over Flowing' is its a sentence which no-one would ever say. It's also a rather clumsy sentence. It grates.

    One of the best ways I found of memorising things was to make a song of them. I could still sing you the Scout Law, for example, although I don't think anyone is likely to find that a fruitful experience.

    My brain rebelled at science. At the start of fifth form we were told we'd have to memorise the formulae for making steel, superphosphate, and aluminium, because one of the three would be in the exam.

    As I could not foresee any possiblity I'd need to know how to make any of those things I contented myself with driving the teacher mad for the year.

    Of course, my rationale rather fell down because there really wasn't any prospect of me needing to know, beyond the exams, why Macbeth acted the way he did or his musing on triple tomorrows, let alone the causes of World War II or the unification of Italy.

    But I was interested in those things. God help me.

    South Roseneath • Since Nov 2006 • 830 posts Report Reply

  • linger,

    @Rachel: the "Posts" count is a running total that is then updated on every post you have made; your posts don't end up sequentially numbered by the total at the time you first posted them. (It's a bit counterintuitive; took me a while to realise that was happening, too.)

    Tokyo • Since Apr 2007 • 1944 posts Report Reply

  • Josh Addison,

    The trouble with 'Harry HE LIkes BEer By Cupfuls Not Over Flowing' is its a sentence which no-one would ever say.

    I dunno, we always made a point of making our mnemonics as nonsensical as we could. The Periodic Table one my mates came up with for the first ten was "Hi, HEllo, LIttle BEggers - Be Careful Now Of Furry Neanderthals"

    Now that I think about it, I remember being told by a teacher that if we wanted to come up with our own mnemonics, rude ones were easier to remember.

    Onehunga, Auckland • Since Nov 2006 • 298 posts Report Reply

  • Isabel Hitchings,

    Steven - I could cry for your wee girl. This is where kids need to know that their grown-ups are in their corner and that just because something is done at school by a teacher doesn't make it right.

    Christchurch • Since Jul 2007 • 719 posts Report Reply

  • Hilary Stace,

    Steven - Is is possible to make an appointment to talk with the teacher about your concerns ?

    Wgtn • Since Jun 2008 • 3229 posts Report Reply

  • stephen walker,


    from your description, this school seems a bit, um, dysfunctional.
    but even worse, they sound less than calm and reasoned.

    do they have a big sign over the staff room that says:

    "Defensiveness R Us"? ;-)

    but really, this isn't funny when your daughter is under their supervision for a large chunk of her waking hours.

    my only suggestion is that you write a note to the teacher asking (as politely and calmly as possible) what the purpose of getting your daughter to write 20 lines as punishment and what she hopes this will achieve?

    nagano • Since Nov 2006 • 645 posts Report Reply

  • Kyle Matthews,

    I'm astounded that they'd use lollipops as a reward system. Lots of children are allergic, or not allowed to have various foods. Particularly sugar and food colouring.

    I'd be tempted to suggest going the other way, and if you know any of the other parents in the class gang together and all demand that your children not be given lollipops like that.

    Since Nov 2006 • 6243 posts Report Reply

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