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Speaker: Unknown Places: The Crescent (Otara)

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  • Russell Brown,

    Kia ora, James. The few hours I spent talking to these students last year were rewarding and enjoyable. Best wishes to you and them.

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  • BenWilson,

    Looking forward to installment 3.

    Auckland • Since Nov 2006 • 10657 posts Report

  • James Littlewood*, in reply to Russell Brown,

    rewarding and enjoyable


    Auckland • Since Mar 2008 • 410 posts Report

  • BenWilson,

    I just realized I know Lovegrove Crescent well. The textiles factory was also home to my first real job, a small software company specializing in artificial intelligence software for milk collection. I got the job in a cold call, the gorgeous Cook Island receptionist (who turned out to have been a former student of my mother at MIT) took the unusual decision based on my pitch to interrupt the GM in a meeting and then arranged an interview for an hour later. So began a relationship that eventually led me to Melbourne to bed down several major software pieces, where I met the love of my life.

    A strange cul de sac, with the local entertainment being a boxing bar (all comers were invited to box each other between beers), and the race track shape was far too inviting to a young bogan with his first fast car. How I survived those years without dying in that car is beyond me. Happy times!

    Auckland • Since Nov 2006 • 10657 posts Report

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