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  • Danielle,

    All right, how about changing 'in a broader sense' to 'in a practical if not literal sense' or 'in a societal if not legal sense' or some phrase like that? Will that satisfy the conditions of the semantics-off? :)

    Charo World. Cuchi-cuchi!… • Since Nov 2006 • 3828 posts Report Reply

  • WH,

    "The day after passage [of the Civil Rights Act] , Johnson told his aide Bill Moyers, "I think we delivered the South to the Republican Party for your lifetime and mine." Indeed, he was defeated in five Southern states in 1964, four of them states Democrats had not lost in more than 80 years. The losses didn't faze him, and he turned his energies to voting rights for black Americans."

    As EJ Dionne pointed out recently, the MLK/LBJ argument is based on a false choice.

    Since Nov 2006 • 797 posts Report Reply

  • Kyle Matthews,

    Graeme (man, once everyone knows you're a lawyer...)

    I wonder what your opinion is on this:


    I wonder how it's been legally enforced - I wouldn't have thought the McDonalds contract would say anything about your behaviour after you were employed by them - during maybe.

    Since Nov 2006 • 6243 posts Report Reply

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