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Speaker: An attempt at demystifying Sharia

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  • Neil,

    Religious bonding provided a community with an advantage over other non-religious communities.

    Religion offered a formalisation of codes of conduct.

    It’s in part hard-wired and in part absorbed.

    Since Nov 2016 • 382 posts Report

  • andin, in reply to Neil,

    Religion offered a formalisation of codes of conduct

    Yeah sure I dont think that is in any dispute, the problem is and always will be the basis for that bonding.
    What if soneone doesn’t agree with what they are supposed to accept, without question, a received wisdom that is clearly open to question?

    What happens when a group with one type of religious bonding comes in contact with a group that doesnt hold the same beliefs as them?

    I dont think any of it is hard wired although some hard wired behaviours are given a certain interpretation based in that belief system.
    It is all learned depending on the belief system you are born into. And as for any advantage over others there are so many variables. Those advantages often corrode into disadvantages over time. It is not as stable a thing as many suppose.

    raglan • Since Mar 2007 • 1891 posts Report

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