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Hard News: The Mood

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  • Sofie Bribiesca,

    I will survive!
    One of my fave songs. In an army "smoke show" (amatuer dramatics at the end of an overseas excercise) me and a mate played "Priscilla Queen of the Jungle".

    That about says it all really! Why do I keep imagining Butlins Holiday Parks.Heard a few stories and think you would fit right in there Shep :)

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  • FletcherB,

    Then why are they protesting?

    Well, as I understand it (and I havent seen this raised in 13 pages)..... combining what I heard on radio/TV news, and a bit of DPF's spin.....

    It goes something like this.....

    Truckies and Transport minister agree that raising taxes without notice is not good... (everybody happy)

    Transport Minister introduces legislation into parliament so that this cannot happen. (truckies see Minister following through on her word, think "wow, great minister, does what she says")

    Transport Minister raises taxes without notice before legislation has been passed.


    I dont know is this is an accurate representation of the facts, but it is what the truckies and the opposition have said happened.

    If it is what happened, or even just how the truckies perceive it..... does it not make sense now why they were so outraged?

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  • FletcherB,

    Also... on the "fines are easy for rich people" front...

    I recall some years ago, seeing a story about one of the Scandinavian countries(?) where due to this factor, they decided to hand out speeding fines as a percentage of income rather than fixed amounts..... it made overseas news because some excecutive was being fined tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars for speeding.

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  • Sofie Bribiesca,

    Russell posted this on Truck off etc.

    · The forum’s own research reveals that a 10 percent increase in the RUC would add roughly just one percent to operating costs.

    · The forum says “I have broken a promise to give one month’s notice of an increase, but does not say that the promise I actually made was to amend legislation that will in the future address notice issues. That amendment is currently being drafted, but was not ready in time for this year, and nor do I know if I will have parliamentary support for it.”

    · “The Forum does not mention the support I am giving trucking companies, and the criticism I am receiving, in allowing and defending the current trial of heavier trucks. If the trial is successful, companies will be able to carry heavier loads more cheaply.”

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  • Don Christie,

    Someone in Jone's office distributing copies of an article in The Truth. Hardly Parliamentary privilege but if the story was feed to The Truth from that source (and not the other way round) then it is pretty dirty politics.

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  • FletcherB,

    Sofie... cheers for that.

    It always helps to be exposed to both sides of the story....

    Now while I'm sure there's spin on both sides, That version is probably much closer to the "truth" than mine.... :)

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