Hard News by Russell Brown

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Hard News: Here's one I prepared earlier

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  • Keir Leslie,

    Brothels may well be perfectly legal, but so are various businesses that I'd make a point about an MP having advertised --- say, loan sharking or whatever.

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  • Biobbs, in reply to Leigh Kennaway,

    MoH advises lots of fluids. And cuddles.

    I believe that would be Colin's specialty.

    Fluids are Colin's speciality? I'm sure he's house-trained.

    The River Mouth, Denmark • Since Jan 2011 • 114 posts Report

  • Caleb D'Anvers,

    We had been sick for months: recurring 'flu symptoms; fatigue; general malaise. We blamed it on adjusting to a new germ environment and a particularly harsh first British winter. Then, a few days ago, a notice went up on the lift in our apartment building: "waterborne pathogen alert." It turns out our numpty property management company didn't know or care about checking water quality regularly, and the building's water storage tanks had got into a real state. When the local water authority saw the microbial results, they totally freaked and forbade any of us to use the water (which, of course, we'd been drinking for months) without boiling it first. Now the local council's involved, there are engineers running around the corridors as I type, and it's a bit of a scandal. I had had no idea North Buckinghamshire was a Third World Country.

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  • Danielle, in reply to Caleb D'Anvers,

    Jesus dude. You and Mrs D'Anvers take care.

    Charo World. Cuchi-cuchi!… • Since Nov 2006 • 3828 posts Report

  • BenWilson, in reply to Caleb D'Anvers,

    I had had no idea North Buckinghamshire was a Third World Country.

    Yeah, surely they have a town water supply there? Why does the place have storage tanks? Is the water coming off the roof? If so, I'd always boil it, no matter what, these days (despite having gone at least 20 years drinking water off the roof at Waiheke without such precautions).

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  • DexterX, in reply to Caleb D'Anvers,

    Joining the local council pool or gym and showering there is a really good idea.

    In the UK often rainwater is recycled with your grey waste water, (showers, bath hand basins) and is stored for reuse in the black waste system (WCs), the grey waste storage tanks should have a treatment process and filter process and also have a mains back up to feed the storage tanks if they are low.

    If the treatment isn't "maintained" the grey waste gets ugly fast and if this combined with a failure of the valve (protection system) from the mains pressure to the grey waste storage results in backflow contamination from the grey waste tanks into all parts of your mains water system.

    The bacteria that develops can be resistant to chlorine and antibiotic treatments.

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  • nzlemming, in reply to DexterX,

    We take a lot for granted with our water, here in "Clean Green NZ", in comparison with many other 'developed' countries. We have much more water available per capita than most of them. I recall a discussion with a former navy officer in the 90's who reckoned that Aussie had little to fear from Indonesia, because Aussie had no water. We, on the other hand, featured in strategic plans...

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  • Caleb D'Anvers, in reply to DexterX,

    You know, that's easily the best description of what's happened in our building that I've seen. You want to come and be our property manager?

    London SE16 • Since Mar 2008 • 482 posts Report

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