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Hard News: Getting the pip

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  • Sam,

    Is anyone else a little suprised that the Femmes are playing on the Green Stage (up near the main entrance)? As a supposed 'headline' act, I find this a little wierd. Its not a huge area up there so I guess they arent expecting a lot of people to hang around for them....

    I am also bummed that Kasbian and Lily Allen are at the same time - given that the line up isnt that great, it sucks that they have stuck the only half way decent acts on at the same time.

    I dont think I will ever top 2002 with Prodigy / Basement Jaxx / White Stripes / New Order or 2000 with Chillis / Basement Jaxx / Foo Fighters / Nine Inch Nails or way back in 95 when Ministry & Hole where headlining and Courtney Love played her whole set without underwear (those in the mosh pit will remember this well - as she stood with her leg up on the amp for most of it!!!)

    Ahhhhh - the good ole days....

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