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Hard News: An epic day at the park

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  • Geoff Lealand,

    It was a great game; more exciting than the AB test which followed, We recorded the final 10 minutes, in order to set out for Cambridge to see Show Me Shorts, and returned to watch the play in extra time.
    Great too that Waikato have been promoted back to the Premiership, after a great run, Exciting young players are to be seen.

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  • Tom Semmens,

    The crowd size and response was interesting given John Kirwan's recent comments about the need to revamp the season in NZ. I have no idea as to the financial viability of Kirwan's plan but I do know that Super Rugby is killing the game. Super Rugby has been around for over twenty years and despite every effort of the NZRFU to kill off grass-roots provincial tribalism and convince the punters that watching a disassociated genetic freak show of players selected from a "production line" (a widely used term that assumes human beings are treated the same way farmers treat their prime cattle) that values money and results over participation and identification is the best thing since the man said "why don't we slice the bread?" people STILL clearly love their provinces. They like teams made up of at least some locals who have played local club rugby and who you can see around town. I guess boils down to a philosophical battle about the role of rugby and sport that was long ago won by the almighty dollar.

    But the NZRFU has to be aware that it's single minded pursuit of centralised elite rugby and revenue maximisation contains the seeds of the games downfall. Rugby in NZ is desperately over-exposed with far, far to much rugby on TV from February to November, and it's audience has been confined to an increasingly aging and narrow band of people who bother with Sky for far, far to long. The enthusiasm of the Tongan's who came out for the Rugby League should be a huge red flag to the the NZRFU as to how much is losing the hearts and minds of communities that should provide it's heartland. Instead, those communites are treated like a colony to be mined for recruits who in turn are increasingly behaving like a sporting Condottieri who will decamp offshore the minute they decide the offer is better.

    I miss the days when a big Ranfurly shield game was the talk of the land, and where even a Hawkes Bay vs. Waikato game was a big deal for the respective provinces with All Blacks on display, selectors in attendance and a sold-out park of fevered supporters, and players put it all on the line for nothing more than their jersey.

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  • EE,

    Yes, even for a fellow exCantabrian, last Saturday afternoon was really enjoyable. Well done ARU.

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  • Scungo,

    That game was a great payoff for years of ARFU membership. And hopefully bodes well for the Blues. If only 30% of Sats attendees turn up regularly next year, that is a win as well.
    The shape and set up of Eden Park does mean almost all seats are just too far from the action. Closest, with a view of the shape of play, is the upper West, where I've watched all the test matches for last 7 years - on my membership tickets, in the same front row seats behind the sticks!

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  • Tristan,

    I was at home brewing beer with a mate who had 20 bucks on Ioane to score and Auckland to win…Needless to say it was an up and down and a bloody great game to watch!

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  • John Holley,

    BTW, that guy is in the chair welcoming folk for every game (ABs/Blues/Auckland etc.)

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  • Walter Nicholls,

    gee, a 30,000-capacity ground in the city would be great.

    I also get the arguments FOR a bigger stadium, but Eden park's existing financial troubles don't inspire me to believe that it wouldn't be an even bigger white elephant.
    Ironically, while I have zero interest in rugby, I have quite a bit in music, and also in architecture ... so have to admit that an iconic waterfront stadium able to host the likes of Adele might possibly be a good thing. But would a few concerts be enough to pay back the massive investment? I doubt it.
    I've been to events at 1200-seat venues with 40 in the audience, and similar concerts that packed a 400-seat venue, which would seem to be clear evidence that the size of a place is not an important contributor to its success.

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  • Russell Brown,

    Evan Olmstead not named in the 2019 Blues squad. Boo.

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  • MxDEJ,

    Surely the strangest thing about Auckland Rugby booking The Feelers is that they're a Canterbury band...

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  • Geoff Lealand, in reply to Russell Brown,

    And no Sevu Reece for the Chiefs. Double boo!

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