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Access: Research Invitation - Life before and after the Internet

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  • Sacha,

    As Russell mentioned some time ago, I am helping Philippa with this research project. Her team conducts the New Zealand arm of the World Internet Project, discussed over recent years on Public Address and at Internet NZ’s annual Nethui conference.

    Hopefully this modest extra study helps shape how we can add disabled perspectives in this important field. I personally expect it will spark further study and engagement, which is why I’m involved.

    We are able to conduct a limited number of interviews before the end of the year, either face-to-face in Auckland or Christchurch, or online as mentioned. Participation expenses are part of the budget but no fee or koha, so it has to be people who are motivated to contribute to the beginning of this sort of research (and reflective enough to comfortably discuss their own life experience).

    If that is you, please contact Philippa asap.

    Ak • Since May 2008 • 19740 posts Report Reply

  • Marc C,

    I read you are interested in physical and cognitive disability in regards to people participating in this research. What about people with psychological or psychiatric conditions and thus mental health sufferers, who are also very often disabled, in one or more ways?

    Disability has many faces and expressions, and causes, and while we all accept, that physical disability deserves full recognition and considerations, and that cognitive, i.e. mental impairment conditions are also deserving of the same, we do somehow still struggle with the disability that people with various psychological and psychiatric conditions have.

    Perhaps some clarification can assist, what this research is about, and who may be included, thanks.

    Auckland • Since Oct 2012 • 437 posts Report Reply

  • Sacha, in reply to Marc C,

    Any disabled person, including people with impaired mental health.

    Ak • Since May 2008 • 19740 posts Report Reply

  • Marc C, in reply to Sacha,

    Thanks, sounds good, much appreciated!

    Auckland • Since Oct 2012 • 437 posts Report Reply

  • Sacha, in reply to Marc C,

    Welcome. Do email Philippa for more details if you or people you know are interested.

    Ak • Since May 2008 • 19740 posts Report Reply

  • Kumara Republic,

    I'd be up for it, if I was old enough.

    The southernmost capital … • Since Nov 2006 • 5441 posts Report Reply

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