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Goodbye to all that

Some fell, others are hanging on in much changed circumstances. Some are in love and happy for the first time in many years. Yet others await the call.

Last Friday night the taxi driver, from Iraq seven years ago, told me his fiancée was arriving in 10 days. He was happy and I was happy for him.
We agreed that for him next year should be better.

And it is that time of year when the arbitrary turn of a calendar rings out the old and rings in the new. We wish each other a happy new year. I like that.

We enter a new year with optimism, and Lord knows there any number of people and factors beyond out control which could make it miserable.

But we look ahead and hope for the best. We are amusing animals to observe.

I cannot lie. We had a good year, yet are aware that all around us others didn’t. We especially wish them a happier new year. We are grateful for all we have -- and it isn’t the Beatles box set in mono.

We have a small circle of fine friends, a larger circle of helpful and forgiving acquaintances, and families who are loving and supportive. I find it sad that so many can’t say such simple things, can only say them cynically, or will detect cynicism in those who do say them.

At this time of the year I especially miss my three kids who are all in London. My sisters live in Singapore and Melbourne. So there’s just me.

Which is okay, it means I get more ham.*

I hope you had a good year and have an enjoyable Christmas and holiday season. And I also genuinely hope you do have a happy new year.
See you on the other side.

PS. At Music From Elsewhere I have chosen the best 25 albums of 2009 out of the many hundreds I heard and profiled for your pleasure, so feel free to Post a Comment. (People already are and many agree with me, that I have terrible taste).
Oh and the 26th is that Beatles mono set. I’m grateful I have it.

* This quip backfired within a few minutes of writing. We had ordered some kind of PC South Island free-range ham and after many delays it just turned up. I signed for it and paid, not knowing what Megan had ordered. It turns out what now occupies the whole of our modest fridge-freezer is twice the size of what she wanted. It is a whopping 10kg and is as big as my chest.
More for me? And for everyone I know.

Graham Reid is the author of the book 'The Idiot Boy Who Flew'.

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