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You're killin' me

Not so sure about my theory that the Shortland Street kill-ah is Steve the orderly. Too obvious, maybe. Joey is now looking migh-tee suspicious. It’s the quiet ones you’ve got to watch and all that. Steve could just be your garden-variety insensitive jerkoff.

TV3 has pulled 30 Rock peeps. See details below. C4 is to screen the British drama Skins, which is a fairly explicit youth drama, although the Guardian reviewer thought they were trying a bit too hard.

I’ve missed Saturday and only got to Tuesday, but I know that you guys aren’t even in on Saturdays anyway, you’re too busy getting wasted and having inappropriate sex, right?

Update: Wednesday and Thursday now added.

Oh, and the 13-year-old would like me to [insert fart joke here].

Doctor Who starts on Prime with The Runaway Bride. Could someone be more obsessive on Wikipedia? I don’t think so.
• TV3 has pulled 30 Rock, it is replaced by season one repeats of My Name Is Earl. You could try complaining here, although it appears you have to “log in” to do so. Some You Tube clips here to tide you over. Cracked.com has the 10 Best Moments from 30 Rock.
• Movie Dazed and Confused (C4) gets a nine from Philip.
• Billy Crudup very good in Stage Beauty (TV1)
• Science fiction classic Rollerball is on MGM.
• Maori is screening the Hong Kong movie upon which The Departed was based. Infernal Affairs gets a six from Philip.
Artsville is about Gillian Karawe Whitehead.

Dying for Everest (TV3) is about what happened after Mark Inglis and his team had passed the British climber David Sharp on their way up Everest.
Robin Hood (Prime) is magically transported to Washington, where there is a sniper. Okay, I made up the Washington part. And the magical transportation.
• Maori is screening the Tall Blacks games against Australia; whoever wins gets automatic entry to the Olympics.
• Documentary film Voices of Iraq (Rialto) is possibly not the best doco about Iraq ever, but looks interesting.
• Actor John Travolta, reality television star Paula Abdul and musical guest Teddy Thompson are on Letterman.

• Betty and her family go to Guadalajara. EW’s Tanner Stranksy got goosebumps (read after the ep).
• Animated comedy Drawn Together begins on Prime.
• The rather brilliant State of Play is on UKTV, although I think it started last week. It’s to be remade in Hollywood with Last King of Scotland director Kevin MacDonald. Brad Pitt is going to be John Simm. Meanwhile, the rather brilliant Paul Abbott is writing an MI5 drama for ITV.
• Actor David Duchovny, Philadelphia Phillies star Ryan Howard and musical guest Andrew Bird on Letterman.

• Mini-series Flood is spookily timely, according to the Times.
• Maori has the second basketball test between the Boomers and the Tall Blacks.
• In Shameless (UKTV), there are explosions on the estate that raise terrorist fears, and the Maguires find that their Semtex is missing. As you do. It’s the penultimate episode of season four.
• Actor Jeff Goldblum, actress Hayden Panettiere and musical guests New Pornographers on Letterman.

• Peyote … epiphanies … only four episodes to go on The Sopranos (TV1). Read this after.
Along Came Polly (TV3) gets a five from Philip; Capote (Sky Movies) gets an eight
Studio 60 is better when it’s not doing an “issue”. Hopefully tonight’s “virus” means just that.
• Actor Samuel L Jackson, journalist Christiane Amanpour and musical guest Tom Russell on Letterman.

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