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Back to the 80s

Really intrigued by this report that Keeley Hawes is going to star in a sequel to Life on Mars, in which she ends up in 1981 – era of big hair, scary pants and Adam Ant – and Gene Hunt is there. I hope it won’t be what That ’80s Show was to That ’70s Show, but it’s the same writers and production company (will Sam Tyler be 10 years older and living in a council flat with Annie and a couple of kids?). Keeley is in Sunday Theatre this week.

So-called nerdfest Comic Con has been underway in San Diego, bigger than ever.

I’ve missed Saturday, but there was nothing much except The Dame Edna Treatment on TV1 and I’m not sure we care.

Sunday (TV1) has stories about our emergency departments in crisis; Iraq from the POV of an Apache 3 infantryman; and Emmy award-winning cameraman Mike Single.
• Really liking 30 Rock and fully expect to see Christopher Hitchens kissing Tina Fey’s ass any day now. Jerry Seinfeld is set to guest star in the second season opener in October.
Sunday Theatre (TV1) stars the lovely Keeley Hawes and is quite possibly saved by her as well. Here’s an Independent interview.
• New series of Artsville starts on TV1, here’s a taste of what’s to come. It begins with a docu-drama starring Ian Hughes on a journey through the work of Bill Hammond.
• MGM is going all Pam Grier 70s: Foxy Brown at 1.55pm and Coffy at 5.05pm, plus American Pimp at 8.30pm, followed by 100 percent fresh Taxi Driver

• Don’t read this until after the final of Desperate Housewives (TV2).
Ghost Whisperer replaces Men in Trees, bleurgh.
60 Minutes (TV3) has stories about a Kiwi actress with anorexia; nuclear power becoming the new “in” electricity; and Christina Aguilera.
Stargate Atlantis is finalling today so that Prime can begin the Britpop Robin Hood next week. Lilly Allen’s dad is in it, he’s funny. Richard Dean Anderson is in Stargate.
Extras finishes tonight too, read this afterwards.
• Letterman’s guests are reality show judge Sharon Osbourne and musical guests Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Scarfie Days on TV2 is made by NHNZ in Dunedin, what this means, I’m not sure.
Tsotsi is on Rialto.
• Actress Anne Hathaway, comedian Jim Gaffigan and musical guests Buffalo Tom are on Letterman.

• I can’t work out whether Kyra Sedgwick is annoying or cute on The Closer.
• Dodos on Primeval. Heh.
• Our unique Chinese-Maori community is examined in Eating Pork’n’Puha with Chopsticks on Maori.
• Actor/comedian Andy Samberg and musical guests The Bravery are on Letterman.

• Read this after tonight’s episode of The Sopranos in which Paulie is at his annoying best.
• Update: 20/20 (TV2) has stories about racism against Asians in Nelson; a couple who manage their porn-star daughter; why some people are luckier than others; and a Hollywood dog whisperer.
Sideways (TV3) gets a nine from Philip in the Listener.
• Actor Seth Rogen, Democratic Presidential Candidate Senator Joe Biden and musical guests Chris & Rich Robinson are on Letterman.
Pete & Dud: The Lost Tapes is on Documentary, couldn’t find much about them, but here’s a review of a biopic of Peter Cook.

• Seth Green is in Four Kings, which is possibly all its got going for it judging by this EWreview.
• It’s the end of the first season of What About Brian, but as it was only five eps long, TV2 is going straight into season two next week.
The Pianist (TV3) also gets a nine from Philip. It’s 95 percent fresh at Rotten Tomatoes.
• Actor Matt Damon, comedian Jeff Altman and musical guests Gogol Bordello are on Letterman.

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