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ONE NIGHT ONLY! Really Filthy C-Words

It's almost like a dirty joke.  A librarian, a cartoonist and a blogger walked into a art gallery and started talking about really fithy c-words.... If you're in Auckland tonight (Tuesday, August 13), and at a loose end from 6.00-8.00 pm you can catch the punchline.  (And if you stuff my jocks with five dollar bills, I won't take my clothes off. Probably.)

As part of a fringe art festival exploring sex and sexuality in the media, and a sequel to June’s successful Dark Night festival, Auckland Libraries presents a panel discussion with creators and commentators looking at controversial literature in New Zealand.

We’ll be supporting Auckland’s artists by contributing a panel discussion on the boundaries of acceptability in literature – from the history of censorship in Aotearoa to the scandal around Ted Dawe’s Into The River – the prize-winning NZ teen book which has now been been submitted for age-restricted classification!

The panel will feature cartoonist Dylan Horrocks and literary columnist Craig Ranapia alongside librarian Karen Craig. Aucklanders can catch that dream team of literati walking the boundaries of scandal and culture on Tuesday, 6pm-8pm at Method and Manners on Level 2, 6 Upper Queen Street, Auckland.

Hope to see you there!  If I secure the permission of the other participants (and my wobbly grasp of my digital record permitting) I'll post a report later this week. 

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