Muse by Craig Ranapia

Indecision 2011: Writing Policy on The Back of a Cocktail Napkin

As part of my un-Chartered non-committment to public service bloggage, I'll post links to the Arts, Culture and Heritage policies released by National and Labour today. (Links to PDF format documents)

I think there's a drinking game in here somewhere -- to be developed over time and as circumstances allow -- but both documents appear to have been written by Sir Humphrey Appleby over a long, liquid lunch. (National's effort is short enough to fit on the back of a cocktail napkin.)  There's nothing in either that would make a pointy-headed arty-farty elitist come out in hives on principle, but nor would any credible arts administrator dare submit a funding application or business plan quite so full of platitudinous waffle and light on hard committments of time or money.

No matter where your political compass points, Labour arts spokeswoman Steve Chadwick and Art Minister Chris Finlayson aren't Parliamentary oxygen thieves.  I just wish, at first glance, they were fronting policies as substantive as they are.