Muse by Craig Ranapia

Indecision '11: Outrageous!

This is going to be a quick hit because it really doesn't deserve more.

Here is Muse's policy on Robyn Malcolm and related issues.

1) The New Zealand Herald seems to think "long-time Green Party supporter throws out organic free-rage red meat to party faithful at campaign launch" is front page election news for two days.

2) Muse thinks becoming New Zealand's leader in fatuous non-news coverage is nothing to be proud of. 

3) Democrazy is a bitch.  Actors are allowed to have political opinions - and they range from left (Ms. Malcolm) to right (Sir Michael Caine) to completely fragging batshit (Sean Penn).  Much like every other occupational group in society.  Last time I looked, New Zealand also has a free press and allows its citizens freedom of speech, assembly and association. Even the stupid ones.

4) Politicians are allowed to make complete knobs of themsleves - God knows I need the material. But I really wish Auckland City councillor Cameron Brewer would try really really hard to keep his in his pants.  (Cr. Brewer might also want to check the Human Rights Act before calling for Malcolm to be sacked from fronting a information campaign on recycling because of her political views.  We're in a recession, and court dates with large settlement cheques are not a good use of rate-payer funds.)

5)  In a functional democracy, bitching, snark and downright abuse of our employees in Wellywood -- of whatever partisan tint -- is not only a right but a responsibility.  Any election campaign that isn't "partisan" should have everyone involved dragged out of the shallow end of the gene pool and drowned in the other. 

Ms. Malcolm is not only a damn fine actress, but a citizen.  Build a bridge and get over it, really.

6)  In the great scheme of things, opinions are like arseholes -- everybody's got one, and in most cases the closer you examine them the more they stink.  It's an open question whether celebrity endorsements really work, and if you do what the Mad Butcher and Cheryl West say, more fool you.

7) If a campaign launch has really been a major political story for two days we're doomed. Die with dignity and stay off my lawn.

Now, do I really need to send Loretta round to burn your house down?  She'll do it.