Island Life by David Slack


The Grouse is done to a turn, my Lord.

Perhaps Lockwood Smith is more fussy than most people about what he puts in his mouth, but if I were him, I wouldn’t feel at all perturbed about having to swallow some dead fish. I actually quite enjoy it.

Perhaps he’s not trying the right kind. Let’s help him out: here are ten ways I like to do it. Feel free to add your own.

1. Whitebait fritters
2. Anchovies on anything
3. Kokoda
4. Bouillabaisse at a Marseilles cafe
5. Blackened redfish
6. Salmon from a sushi bar
7. Snapper on a pan, five minutes out of the sea
8. Bluff oysters as they come
9. Crayfish any way you like, except with steak
10. Fingers.

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