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Sundays Are For Activists

Bike-riders of Auckland! Gaze upon this mighty vision and tell me your heart doesn't pound a little. GetAcross.Org.NZ prepared this lovingly fashioned artist's impression of the proposed cycle and walkway extension to the Harbour Bridge.

If you like the look of this, then you should be at the rally tomorrow afternoon, Sunday 21.

Where: The park below the bridge at the city end.

When: 2PM Sunday 21 September

Why: To let the politicians know how much we want this cycleway.

More information here and here.

Extensive discussion here and here.

I’ll be there tomorrow with a microphone to join a bunch of politicians, a crew of dedicated but perfectly well-adjusted activists, and, with your help, everyone in Auckland who has a bike.


Great show, great turnout. I can remember a time when people used to say wistfully how great it would be to have cafes with tables on the footpath like they did in Europe. We worked that out.

I think how great it would be to have the streets full of cyclists like they do in (parts of) Europe.

This cycleway could serve as a linch pin for a network of cycleways that could make it so.

We called a show of hands at the rally today. Motion carried unanimously.

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