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Stop Making Cents

NCEA English
2007 Summer Class

Compare the following two pieces of writing, then answer the following questions.

Media release
Newmarket Business Association
Monday, 4 December 2006

Unbelievable that Reserve Bank runs out of new coins in lead up to Christmas.

Just five weeks after phasing out the old coins, the Reserve Bank has now written to the country's retail banks warning them there will be a shortage of the new 20 cent pieces in the lead up to the busy Christmas period, with some unimpressed retailers already unable to source 20 cent pieces," Auckland's leading retail district, Newmarket, has revealed today.

"When we complained that the three-month transition period wasn't long enough, the Reserve Bank told us that they'd done a lot of work and that everything was going to be just fine. We'll here we are just five weeks into the new coins and only days away from the Christmas rush, and the country's running out of its own currency. This is all looking very Fijian and doesn't inspire much confidence in our central bank," said Cameron Brewer, head of the Newmarket Business Association.

"The unfortunate thing is that while banks and retailers are set to run out of 20 cent pieces, tens of millions of the old 20 cent pieces sit idle because they are no longer legal tender.

"Retailers have got enough on their mind in December without worrying about running out of change. Given the many years of work leading up to this new coin transition, such a staggering miscalculation by the Reserve Bank should never have happened," said Mr Brewer.


Radio New Zealand News

Reserve Bank Orders Extra 20c Pieces
Posted at 8:22pm on 04 Dec 2006

The Reserve Bank has ordered an extra 15 million 20 cent pieces, because of unusually high demand for the coins.

An extra 4.75 million 20 cent coins have been put into circulation over the past week.

The bank's currency manager, Brian Lang, says a further 10 million of the coins will arrive in the country over the next few days.

He says the bank has issued 50 million 20 cent coins, and 53 million 10 cent coins, but there has been a much greater demand for 20 cent coins than it expected.

Mr Lang says there will be enough new coins in circulation to meet demand over the Christmas period.


1. Write the expression “way over the top” in txt language.

2. Do you use cash to buy any of the following?

     a. movie ticket
     b. CD
     c. DVD
     d. Big Mac
     e. chewing gum

3. What is meant by the expression “This is all looking very Fijian”

4. Would you rather spend this weekend in Suva or Newmarket?

5. Do you have confidence in our central bank?

6. Do you have confidence in the Newmarket Business Association?

7. In terms of dealing with the news media, what is a “staggering miscalculation”?

8. If you were eligible, who would you vote for in next year’s Auckland mayoralty contest?

     a. Cameron Brewer
     b. John Banks
     c. Frank Bainimarama

9. Who coined the expression “say whatever you like, as long as you spell my name right”? Discuss, with reference either to postmodern electronic media theory, or your five favourite YouTube clips of 2006.

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