Island Life by David Slack


Know your current events

At Auckland International Airport, who do they worry about most?

a. Knife-wielding Somalian fruit pickers
b. Islamist terrorists
c. Jesse Ryder
d. Canadian pensioners

Russia has just elected a new President. How do you pronounce the name of the man who will lead the country for the next five years?

a. Poot - in
b. Pew - tin
c. Pweet - in
d. Clin - Ton

John Key will be Prime Minister by Christmas. What new colour will he choose for his Beehive office?

a. Beige
b. Taupe
c. Neutral
d. Same as Labour

You are TV3 reporter Kate Lynch, in Georgia trailing America’s Most Wanted New Zealander. In a passport mixup, you are detained as an illegal alien. In what kind of facility are you incarcerated?

a. Federal prison with the worst kind of murderers and felons
b. Guantanamo Bay
c. That one on an island that was in that movie
d. A virtual holiday camp where pampered prisoners lead the good life

On Sunday night’s 3 News, Duncan Garner ran a list of policies pinched from Labour by National and then a list of the converse. Which was the longest?

a. Policies pinched by National
b. Policies pinched by Labour
c. Stories pinched by Kiwiblog

Which of these Labour Government policies did the Royal New Zealand Herald and the National Party (or its ideological antecedents) support at the time they were first mooted?

a. Welfare state
b. Nuclear-free New Zealand
c. Rogernomics
d. Cullen fund
e. GST
f. No sporting contact with South Africa
g. Jim Bolger to chair Kiwibank

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