Island Life by David Slack


Bless this House

John Key

Hi God, please bless the school mums in their four-wheel drives and the ambitious dads on struggle street and the kids in McGehan Close and all the rest of South Auckland as well, and of course Bill English and the reporters who have been top value on this honeymoon, and not forgetting Graham Henry and the boys, and all the hard working Kiwis, and everyone in the world really, and of course Alan Greenspan, but not those losers in Labour. If you keep sticking it to them, you won't be getting any complaints from me.

Helen Clark

Dear God, are these numbers right?

Jeanette Fitzsimons and Russel Norman

Friends, we gather today in a spirit of harmony and mutual understanding, but with the lights dimmed, of course, to preserve energy. We draw on the positive spirit that all humanity innately possesses - even Trevor Mallard and Tony Ryall - in a non judgemental, non-confrontational way of course, and we express the hope that this house will channel that spirit in a way that might bring a more perfect understanding of the imperfect world in which we live. We also pray that John Key will give us a better deal than the one we got from this lot.

Philip Field

Jesus no, Jesus no, Jesus no. This can't be happening.

Gerry Brownlee

Can I have a shout out for my homey Buddah?

Bob Clarkson

Our father who art a good bloke. It's your round.

Peter Dunne

Bless me, and all the enlightened followers of the Jesus Loves a Pig Shooter party.

Ashraf Choudhary


Winston Peters

Bless Me.

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