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Trump's Dummkopfs

While the world holds its breath over a prodigious narrowing of the polls in the US Presidential election campaign, it's hard not to wonder sometimes about who these people are. His prospective voters, I mean. Who can merrily ignore his constant lying, his dubious alliances, his ghastly temperament, his habitual misogyny and his manifest unfitness for elected office?

Who are the people who write comments like this under the latest installment of the Washington Post's meticulous examination of the long-running scam that is the Trump Foundation?

WP, there you go again (as one of our best presidents used to say". Dicing Donald Trump, attempting to get HC elected. Stop this controlled Russian style journalism, please. It is sickening that this nation no longer has free press.

And this?

I no longer believe what the press reports, the reports coming out of Obama's DC, or whoever or whatever investigated the Clinton Foundation. This has become a tragic country. The children and future generations are to be pitted.

Well, The Daily Show's Jordan Klepper went and met some. Have a look. I know that mocking these idiots doesn't really help and that I don't have a vote in this race. But it makes me feel a little better to mock them. And besides, we're due a US elections thread ...

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