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The Voyage of a Lifetime

Here's the thing about economics: it determines the way we live our lives, but most of us are shut out from discussing it -- by language or privilege, or simply because it seems too hard. Thus do assumptions go unchallenged and thus is the debate left to technocrats and their ministers.

The New Zealand Fabian Society  has been looking to remedy that situation for some time now, and has presented some excellent speakers. I got talking to some of their members earlier this year about bringing what they're doing to a wider audience -- by making the debate easier, and more enjoyable, to join.

The consequence of those talks is The Voyage of a Lifetime, which will take place at Auckland's Q Theatre on the afternoon of Sunday, June 10, presented by The Fabians, Public Address and Scoop.

I'll be the MC for the event, Michelle A'Court will warm up the crowd and Miriam Clancy will play her music. As is the case with our Great Blend events, this one will provide plenty of time for socialising and networking.

But most importantly, the speakers: Bernard Hickey, Rod Oram, Selwyn Pellet, Arena Williams, Rick Boven and John Walley. You can read their profiles here.

You're important too. Each of the speakers will provide brief introductions to their talks in guest posts here and you're warmly encouraged to engage with the ideas they present. You may even shape what they have to say on the day.

The significance of the nautical theme to the event will become clearer as the day approaches, but for now, allow me to invite you to secure your free ticket for the event. It'll be fun, promise.

PS: Yes, it is entirely possible that similar events will be held outside Auckland. But let's get this one done first. You'll note that in the RSVP process you have the option of going on a mailing list and saying where you live, so you can be alerted when that time comes.

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