Hard News by Russell Brown



Chatting with Kim Hill last Saturday about digital TV, when she, professing ignorance of technology, ventured, with full filthy intent, that she had a man around, "and he gave me digital". Eeew!

Downstairs, afterwards, popping in to the Fine Wine Delivery Company's sale, where people were trundling around swilling enormous, delicious tasting portions and hefting cases of wine onto trolleys already groaning under the weight of credit cards. Because, if there is a recession coming, you're going to want to drown your sorrows properly, aren't you?

The brief, inevitable "let's call the whole thing off" moment sitting at the shiny Media7 desk, soon followed by the odd calm of the "no more faffing about" moment as Leon counted me in and the red light blared on the camera, then the "not sure what to do with myself" moment after we wrapped a pretty smooth first recording. When I observed later that having all these people around was a little intimidating, friends thought I meant the audience. Not at all. I'm more than comfortable with an audience. It's the crew: all these people it takes to make a TV, show, all so experienced, and all helping. You feel a certain pressure to do your bit.

My cousin, Luke Saulbrey, coming around for dinner before the Media7 launch party. I don't often see Luke, and we almost instinctively fell to discussing our Grandpa, who Luke, with his raw, broad frame, resembles more than anyone else in the family. He was only five when Grandpa died, but he remembers the bountiful gardens at the house in Saulbrey Grove. We bonded over my herbed roast chicken and potatoes ("soul food", said Luke), then again at the party, where we got quite bonded indeed.

Falling asleep on the couch at home after the party and dimly surfacing to consciousness while an interminable infomercial featuring Lindsay Lohan played at 2am. Getting to bed, then waking up with a neck that won't turn more than 45 degrees to the right.

Battling the instinct to just chill through the morning and getting in to interview Darryn Harkness of New Telepathics for Public Address Radio. What a nice man, with, as Craig pointed out afterwards, a wonderfully relaxed voice.

Getting up from dinner to answer the door to a neighbour whose abusive relationship had finally come to a brief physical assault. Another of our neighbours was with her, and they'd come to ask advice "because you're in that TV ad". We agreed it needed to reported, and the police came later. She's out, she's strong and it's going to be alright. It was the surge in reported family violence in action, and it's a great thing, because really, It's Not OK.

Sometimes, I thought, being on TV does do some proper good.

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