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DNC 2016: Beyond weird, most of the way to scary

Where to even start? As the Democratic Convention gets underway in Philadelphia, crowds of disaffected Sanders delegates – motivated by a dump of Democratic National Committee emails which seem very likely to have been taken in a hack overseen by Russian intelligence agencies who may well be working in the interests of the Trump campaign – seem set on disrupting the event, even though their guy is begging them not to.

In truth, while the emails are awkward for the DNC, they reflect what was a fairly public enmity between the Sanders campaign and the Democratic Party machine at the time they were written. And they do not show that the primary election was "rigged" or that the Sanders campaign was "sabotaged".

Although Pew Research finds that Democratic voters who supported Sanders during the primary now overwhelmingly say they will vote for Clinton, it will be the crowds inside and outside the convention hall who believe Taylor Swift – sorry, Hillary Clinton – is the devil will get all the oxygen.

This is going to be an interesting four days. Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Michelle Obama are lined up to speak. Lord knows where it goes. Would a group hug be out of order?

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