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Away for the Weekend

This week's Media7 is online at TVNZ ondemand. People have been telling me it's the best show we've done, and it certainly felt pretty good.

Our first panel brought together three journalists who have devoted themselves to the cases of men convicted of the most grievous crimes: Pat Booth (who campaigned tirelessly to exonerate Arthur Allan Thomas of the Crewe murders); Donna Chisholm (whose work in overturning the conviction of David Dougherty on child rape charges was depicted in last Sunday's TV drama Until Proven Innocent; and Keith Hunter, who has argued that Scott Watson was wrongly convicted of the Sounds murders in both a documentary film and a book.

There's also a chat with Jeremy Rees and Julie Starr on occasion of the Herald website's tenth anniversary, and a look at the very cool Hulu.com ad (starring Alec Baldwin) that screened during the Superbowl.

There's still no sign of TVNZ's YouTube problem getting fixed, but the podcast should be updated eventually (last week's discussion on Fiji and the media is there now).

Anyway, that'll do. I have to practice my whaikorero (many thanks to Mikaere Curtis for his help) and get out to the aiport to pick up Emma and Karl before heading north for the weekend at Foo Camp.

I will be tweeting from Foo.

Anyway, here's that Hulu ad:

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