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Again: Is everyone okay?

There has been a very large earthquake in in Christchurch -- yes, again. Some guesses on Twitter are that it's bigger than the original. Update: Geonet now online with it: 6.3 magnitude, 5km deep, 10km south-east of Christchurch, pretty much underneath Lyttelton and Diamond Harbour.

Check in as you're able folks, and feel free to post links as the news comes through. I'll update this post as necessary.

Emma Hart has tweeted she's okay ("Also fucking autocorrect changed "unhurt" to injured when I was testing Karl. Nice one"), and so is Karl and their daughter Rhiana.

David Haywood, Jen and their kids are unhurt. Their house in Avonside is destroyed. Here is Polly Haywood outside her new house:

David and Jen eventually found shelter with friends and David wrote this eyewitness account for The Guardian.


The Google Crisis Response page.

Safe in Christchurch Twitter account for first-hand reports that people are safe.

The Google-powered people-finder.

Very useful dedicated site put up swiftly by Environment Canterbury.

A crowd-mapping project: report where you are and what you can see. Roads, ATMs, etc.

The 2011 Canterbury Earthquake article on Wikipedia.

This Reddit user page has many links to information and media.

Civil Defence page.

The Red Cross donation page.

St John's website. (currently down)

NZ Police news page.

(Via Stuff) Message from the Blood Service: Please do NOT contact them about donations. Blood supply is currently good.

The Ministry of Health page.

AA has road and traffic information.

Stuff's messages for the missing page.

Wellington Airport is asking on Facebook for people to put up stranded travellers.

The terrifying video shot by two editorial staff from The Press in the minutes after the quake.

The animated Christchurch Quake Map for today.

The Guardian's live blog.

This is the Ministry of Education page for updates relating to schools in the Canterbury area.

Telecom's page.

A Flickr photoset by twobigthreelittle.

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