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Narratives from the 2014 Election: what do we learn?

A Fabians Reflection on Dirty Politics, Dotcom and Labour’s worst result.


Sue Bradford, Russell Brown and Kirk Serpes.

Thursday 16th October in the Owen Glen Building, Lecture Theatre 3 (basement level)

You are invited to attend a debrief of analysis and lessons for the 2014 election campaign, a campaign that had so much to offer on so many levels and continues to remain fascinating.

The panel for the session are:

Sue Bradford such a well know figure in the New Zealand political landscape and a recent speaker on the research she has done of the New Zealand Left. Sue has been keen on this debrief for some time. There is so much we need to think afresh.  

Russell Brown, with his Public Address site and the very significant Media Take programme on Maori TV, provided the best place to go throughout the campaign to make sense of it. He has used the word shellacking to describe one part of the election outcome!

Kirk Serpes, Founding member; Generation Zero. Initiated campaigns to inspire people to move up the ladder of engagement. Worked in digital media (Auckland Transport blog), led New Zealand delegations on climate change and worked for GetUp (US) and Oxfam. .

Look forward to seeing you there.

University of Auckland, Owen Glen Building, Lecture Theatre 3, (level 0) 6.30pm, Thursday 16th October 2014.

Please register here and please pass on this invitation to anyone else you think may be interested.

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Kind regards                Mike Smith                 Chairman.


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