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Sunshine? Bah!

So yesterday I made myself a fort out of couch cushions (stocked with chips and beer and a laptop) and did everything in my power to ignore the sunshine outside. Important sport was on the radiation-box and no wonderful summer’s day (the last of my holidays) was going to lure me away from it.

Couch-alot (which is what I called it) was to be my home from 10.30am until sometime after 5pm, barring bathroom breaks and snack excursions. Why? Because the NFL playoffs are on!

There was also cricket on, but I just can’t get into cricket on TV. As it is so far this summer I have only seen half of one game of 20/20. And we lost. Though Chris Gale was exciting.

The Christmas period is flush with sport. Down this end of the globe the game tends to be of the bat, ball and pad variety. Be it the pros with the Boxing Day tests/Twenty20s or the amateurs with the beach version, we all seem to get a cricket-mad at this time. Even me, um, sort of.

Those of you who are preparing to unload about how crappy the Black Caps are and wondering why I haven’t done any real coverage of them, will be happy to know that I am going to go to my first cricket game this year. I am wrangling my friends Dom and Shirley to take me to a game and point out the finer details for me. I will file a Gonzo-style report after the event.

And then rugby season starts an a few weeks. Yes, even for me that feels wrong.

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