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Glad I missed that one

As I mentioned previously my weekend was mainly taken up with turning myself in a rockstar (separate post and photos on that coming soon). As such I missed Wellington lose the game that, really, deep down, they knew they were going to lose. Feel free to bitch about the game in the comments.

But I did see part of the netball and the Monday-night sports news where (for some reason) a fantastic win by New Zealand over Australia (netball) was the second item behind a stupid loss by New Zealand at the hands of Australia (league).

Actually I'm not really sure how New Zealand losing to Australia in league even counts as "news" anymore.

I did yell at Ricky Stewart (well at his image on the TV) about the boots up slide by Billy Slater. It says in that Stuff article that Stewart takes the charges seriously, however, on the news last night he said:

[Slater]'s been warned about it, but if he does it successfully, would I tell him not to do it? No

The actual answer should be "yes". Because nothing sucks more than not getting try AND getting your face cut open by someone's spikes.

Back to the netball, don't we have some awesome midcourt and defensive depth? I'm a little worried with our shooting options if we lose van Dyk (Wipiiti still hasn't convinced me). Here are the stats:

Progressive (& Quarter) Scores
1st Qtr: 15-7 to Australia
2nd Qtr: 21-20 to Australia (13-6 to NZ)
3rd Qtr: 33-31 to New Zealand (13-10 to NZ)
4th Qtr: 46-41 to New Zealand (13-10 to NZ)

Shooting Statistics: Australia - 72% overall
Natalie Medhurst -, -, 8/8, 4/6 (12/14, 86%)
Kate Beveridge - 6/8, 5/6, 2/6, 6/8 (19/28, 68%)
Susan Pratley - 9/11, 1/4, -, - (10/15, 67%)

Shooting Statistics: New Zealand - 88% overall
Irene van Dyk - 4/5, 9/10, 9/9, 7/7 (29/31, 94%)
Maria Tutaia - 3/3, 4/5, 4/6, 6/7 (17/21, 81%)

And for those (literally) taking score, the five point difference is inside the statistical significance bounds.

Undoubtedly there was other sport this weekend (such as Liverpool beating Chelsea at home and the Phillies on the brink of a World Series victory) but I was too busy trying to not screw up the guitar solos in Gimme Shelter

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