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Black and White Stripes

Did you all notice the incredibly interesting thing during the Barbarians predictable defeat to the Walabies? Wasn't it weird to watch? Something we haven't seen for… I'm not sure how long: collars.

The Barbarians were wearing jerseys made by Cotton Traders, not one of the uniform power houses and they looked like they were made ten years ago (or earlier). In many ways I found it a shock to see players in square, unshaped uniforms. I imagine the players themselves would've found the old style jerseys strange to wear in this age of sytheto-awesumfibres.

And did it seem strange to see the players wearing sponsorship on their chests from a sports-betting agency? Talk about a conflict of interest.

The Barbarians also have another quirk, if you play for them you need to bring your own socks.


Meanwhile in France, Roger Federer removed the cheese-eating surrender-monkey from his back and won the French Open. Despite being harassed on court by some idiot with a flag, (note how slow the security is in reacting).

The win means Federer is equal to Pete Sampras in wins and many people say this makes him the greatest ever (discuss).

TVNZ need to be chastised in their reporting of the women's final (an upset victory to Svetlana Kuznetsova over world number one, Dinara Safina). They showed us one point being scored (not even a long rally) and the winner's speech.

You've got half an hour to report on sport, this is major world sport event, where actual sport was being played and much more interesting than a report that was basically: "nothing is happening in rowing" with footage of rowers training.

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