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  • Summer Holiday,

    Was a slightly strange one this year in London .. stranded with our friends in more interesting climes we couldn't quite face the traditional british get pissed and watch telly approach on our own.

    We saw an add for a christmas day cycle which came near our place.. so at 11am met up with a strange combination of fellow expats and cycling nuts and headed off.

    There were about 100 people (great thing about a city this size, whatever nutty thing you are doing at least 50 other people are doing it too).

    We headed south through a strangely unscenic tour of south london estates (ladies in shell suits and fags hanging out of mouths looking a bit shocked), then north through hyde park culminating in a half-arsed sprint down the Mall.

    Very odd experience with empty roads and friendly passers by. Certainly didn't feel lile London!

    Headed home for a roast dinner and dreams of pohutakawas and sun.

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